Benefit’s POREfessional Primer


In my never ending quest to keep my face from lookin like it got slapped with the leftover oils of a fryer, I legit changed almost every product in my foundation routine. New foundation, new setting powder, the whole thing was thrown out and revamped. With the new setting powder it was working ok, definitely better than before, but my face still felt terrible after 8 hours of work.

Now I’ve heard people absolutely RAVE over Benefit’s POREfessional Primer. I didn’t buy into the hype only because I thought I didn’t need a face primer. Oh my gosh, I was SO WRONG. 

First of all, I just gotta say that the packaging for this thing is too cute. It comes in a small box that has this flap on the front that you can open up. On the inside, there’s a short blurb they wrote about the product and a picture of the POREfessional Primer cartoon lady in like doll form. It kinda resembled a Barbie box. The inside of the box has the primer nestled inside with this little booklet/pamphlet thing, which truth be told, I didn’t read. But it did provide a nice cushioning for the product.


When you the actual tube up, it’s nothing really special; no complicated cap to take off, no fancy dispenser. It’s literally just a tube of primer that costs $31. Yeah, I know. Not cheap. But honestly, with how well it works, I have absolutely no regrets.

I thought the product was gonna be like white before I squeezed it out for the first time, but it’s actually beige. And a little goes a long way with this thing, so don’t squeeze out too much. You won’t need it, trust me. I usually just plop out a pea-sized amount on my left middle finger, press it against my right one, then spread it straight on my face. Like you think you’re spending $31 on a tiny tube of primer that’s gonna last you maybe a month but it’s totally not like that at all.


So now you’re probably like, “Well, how well does it actually work?”

Holy moly, let me just say that this is like a miracle in a tube. One little droplet of this covers my entire face and keeps it mostly matte for the entire day. I mean, yes with the way my face produces oil, I still have to touch up, but only once and it cuts the time down dramatically. And depending on the day, I don’t even have to touch anything up. You can instantly see and feel it working the second you put in on your skin. Everything is smoothed out and all the shine disappears.

With this primer, my face feels like there’s nothing on it. It’s seriously amazing. The foundation, concealer, and powder become so lightweight that it’s ridiculous. All the pores surrounding my nose area vanish and all the other makeup I put over this thing make my skin look like a baby’s butt. I also should mention that this thing also smells hella good and the texture of it is incredibly smooth as well. You don’t get any of the weird silicone, plastic scent with this primer like you sometimes get in drug store primers. Seriously worth every penny.

Believe the hype people. Believe the hype.

Application: 10/10
Longevity: 9/10
Effectiveness: 9/10
Price: $31
Repurchase: Heck yeah
Overall: ★★★★★


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