Skincare Haul: The Face Shop

skincare haul - the face shop.pngI live and breathe Korean skincare, and I’m especially weak against The Face Shop.

Ever since I bought my first cleansing foam wash from them (the aloe kind I think), I’ve been addicted to not only products from The Face Shop, but to Korean skincare in general. Innisfree, Skin Food, Tony Moly, and every other brand you can think of. I’ve either owned, tried, or wanted something from every single possible one.

Sadly, there’s not really a Face Shop close to me. The nearest one is about a 40 minute drive into suburban Philly and I’m not about that life. Plus I don’t have a car (don’t really need one in the city). So every time I visit NYC, you know ya girl’s gotta hit one up. Especially the one in Chinatown cause my friend’s uncle is the manager of that location. Meaning we get free stuff sometimes (besides the samples) and a friends and family discount!

This time around, the manager uncle actually came to the store while we were there and handed us a butt ton of sheet face masks. Like we’re talking a whole stack. We split them among ourselves so each person got one of each kind.

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I think I’ve tried the rice one in the past. It does a decent job at doing what it says it does. The Face Shop’s Rice Water line does a pretty good job at brightening up your complexion, whether it’s the masks or the cleansing foam (I have both). I’ve tried their Rice Water Cleansing Oil before and I thought it was also okay but I’m just not a cleansing oil kind of person. But it did get the job done and remove a good portion of my makeup. I’m not too too sure if I’ve tried the lemon citron one before but I was planning on writing a review on all of these anyways so stay tuned!

These masks come at $2 each.

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I had an extra green tea one left over at my apartment so I included it in the picture. I’ve tried both kinds you see here (green tea and calendula) and both work extremely well. The green tea detoxifies while the calendula one smooths out your skin and gets rid of any dead skin cells sitting on top of your face. I actually tried it for the first time the same day we got these masks and holy crap. I was shocked to feel the actual dead skin particles rub off between my fingers when I went to pat the mask residue on my face. Highly recommended for anyone with combination type skin like myself.

These masks are also $2 each.

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Now these weren’t included in the manager uncle’s stack of face masks. I actually bought these myself since the packaging looked way cool and these were new. I’m super excited to give these a try so check back for the review at some later time in the distant (hopefully not too distant lol) future.

These masks are $3 each.

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I was also in the market to buy a new toner. Like desperately.

Before purchasing this, I was using Tony Moly’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Toner. then once that one ran out (it lasted me almost a whole year), I switched to an old, backup bottle of The Face Shop’s E’thym O2 Water Balancing Toner that was like a bit more than half used and going fast.

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The person at the store recommended this one to me for my skin type. I’m definitely a combination type person, with the ability to have an oily T-zone yet almost desert dry cheeks all at the same time. It’s crazy. She said that the toner was good for all around skin types. At $15 a bottle, I wasn’t going to turn it down. It looked pretty good and the scent and consistency wasn’t bad either. But I’ll save the details for the review later on.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products before and if you liked them or didn’t.
Recommendations are totally welcomed, whether it be more Face Shop products or other Korean skincare lines.


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