That’s My Girl


R.I.P Fifth Harmony and HELLO to Fourth Harmony (though I have no idea if they’re going to actually change their name or not).

My blog is focused mostly on Asian media but don’t be fooled, I do listen and indulge in some mainstream pop music every now and again. And in the wake of Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony, I figured now would be a good time to confess my love for these girls.

Sadly, I’m not one of those people who were with them since their formation on the X-Factor. I did go back and watch every audition and performance when I finally discovered them though. If that makes things a bit better haha.

The first Fifth Harmony song I heard was, of course, Miss Movin’ On back in 2013. Was I a fan right from the beginning? Sorta…kinda low-key and in the closet about it.

Yes, Miss Movin’ On was definitely catchy and I fully enjoyed the song back in the day when they were first promoting it. But it wasn’t really their music that drew me in at first. It was the fact that these girls obviously didn’t look like your average, cookie-cutter girl group. They were all different body shapes, with some having full figures, curves, and legs and arms that didn’t look like they would snap on contact. It was so different, but SO INCREDIBLY  REFRESHING to see, especially since K-pop girl groups all basically have the bodies of prancing twigs. I loved the fact that these girls were able to stand on stage in the costumes they have and show the world that women are beautiful no matter what shape they are or how tall they are and that shouldn’t limit the way they dress or the way they carry themselves. And just because you might be a bit bigger or a bit taller, doesn’t mean you’re worth any less.

Legit, my struggle. CONSTANTLY.

Fifth Harmony was literally like a breath of fresh air for me in the beginning. But sadly, I let them slip through my fingers and swept them under the rug until they stormed back into my life this year when I heard Work From Home. Lord, that song was on repeat for a week straight.

I went on a Fifth Harmony spree after that. Needless to say, I had some catching up to do. And before That’s My Girl came into my life, Flex (All in My Head) was stuck in my mind all day long.

So getting to the actual song, That’s My Girl is AMAZING. The best women empowerment song I’ve heard since Run The World. I was totally on board from the first listen. The beats, melody, transitions in the song seriously are flawless. It suits their vocals so well since they all have extremely strong voices and all of them know how to use them. The message is incredible, and a much needed turn around from their streak of “get in my bed” songs. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the songs they put out were all good and all super catchy, but the message for That’s My Girl definitely takes the cake for me. I feel like the girls also have more fun singing this song too, since the lyrics are also written as if they’re talking to their fans/listeners, telling them to get up, brush themselves off, and keep going because they’re strong and empowered.

Sadly, this is the last song the group will sing as 5 members as Camila Cabello has decided to leave the group. I’m not going to get into the details but I do sincerely hope the best for both sides of  the party. Whether this split was clean or messy, both sides deserve all the best with their futures. And I’ll probably still be listening to Fifth Harmony, even if they’re 4. With this song blasting in the forefront.


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