Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

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Where do I even begin with this product?
Like is there anything Kat Von D makes that isn’t perfect?

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of matte lips. The glossy look never really appealed to me, even back when owning five bajillion lip glosses was “cool” and applying a layer after every class in middle school some how also made you a “cool”. But when matte lips finally became a thing, I was on board 100%.Now most people walk into Sephora sometimes just to try some products on and walk out with it still on. Like a free, quick trail run so to speak. Admit it, you’ve done it at least once. I’m guilty of doing it like….a bunch of times. Half of those times would be with friends who actually want to buy something so I didn’t look as….sketch lol.

It was in an instance like this when I went to Sephora with a friend who wanted to buy a lip tint. While I waited for her to select some options and bring them over for my opinion (I’m the makeup expert in my friend group), I browsed the lipsticks from a whole bunch of brands trying to find a dark, vampy color that wouldn’t make me look like I was gonna beat up the next person who talked to me but gave off a more like…sultry look (for lack of better words).

This was my first encounter with Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipsticks.
Though I definitely chose the wrong shade for my first go.
I don’t remember the name but it was a bit too bright for my liking.
So it wasn’t too much like love at first try but my craving to find that perfect shade with the perfect formula wasn’t satisfied.

So fast forward to the beginning of fall this year. I went to NYC to visit that same friend (after graduation, she moved up to NYC for her job) and we basically ate our way through the city (I’ll make a post on that later). But before we started, she needed to go to Sephora (lol it’s a trend with us) to get a contouring palate. I also needed to buy a face powder so yes, I actually bought something that time. I chose my powder before she finished browsing the palates so I went over to the Kat Von D section. I figured I would give her lipsticks another go and chose Lolita II to try on.

I wanted so badly to buy it….but my powder was gonna cost me $30ish and we had literally just started our day. You gotta make a budget when going to NYC and stick to it.

Fast forward again to Thanksgiving this year. My sister dragged a reluctant me off to early Black Friday shopping at Kohl’s that Thursday night as I waited for her to go through all the stuff she wanted, I tried on some lipsticks they had there. I totally forget the brand that I tried on (I think it started with a “L”) but the color I put on was very similar to what I wanted, just a bit more brown than I would’ve preferred. Back at home, my friend (she’s an international student so she came over for Thanksgiving) complemented me on the shade and it got me thinking of Lolita II from a few months ago.

I had mentally decided in that moment that I was going to just yolo it and buy it.

Sadly, my Sephora didn’t have Lolita II in stock so I settled for Lolita instead, but I wouldn’t even call it settling since I actually liked it better.

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First of all, the color is exactly what I want. Dark and muted with a sultry edge. Incredibly versatile with any look you wear with just the right mixture of red and brown – sorta like a terracotta. I wore it to my friends wedding just last weekend and it matched the fancy vibe just as much as it matched with the casual vibe at home or at a small get together of friends. I’ve also yet to find an outfit that doesn’t match with this color. Of course, certain ones bring it out more but it’s flexibility definitely makes it one to experiment with in terms of looks.

Like most matte lipsticks, the formula is a bit drying but I’ve never had it crack or flake on me. It dries my lips a bit but not to that degree. And between you and me, I don’t even regularly moisturize my lips. It glides on like butter straight off the applicator, which is super sturdy and easy to control and use. My hands are steady enough to apply it without sloppiness showing but like the Tattoo Liner, those without steady hands might have a more difficult time. It dries fast and once it does, IT DOES NOT GO ANYWHERE. I kid you not, I ate practically everything at the wedding I went to (plus drinks on the side), and this thing didn’t budge.

It’s seriously incredible.

My boyfriend hates it when I wear lipsticks cause he’s not a fan of it transferring onto him. But he approved of the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick cause there’s literally no transfer. I’ve also never had to go onto my teeth, and whenever I do that trick where you stick your finger between your lips and pull it back out to prevent any unfortunate teeth stains, nothing’s ever on my finger. You’ve been warned, this lipstick dries like lightening and doesn’t move. Which unfortunately, also makes it a pain in the butt to take off. I lose track of how many times I wipe at my lips with my makeup remover wipes after a day of wearing this.

Yeah….Kat Von D is amazingly good at naming her products.
Seriously. It’s most definitely everlasting.
And the whole collection has a variety of colors that has something perfect for everyone.
I MOST DEFINITELY will be purchasing another one in the future.


Application: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Effectiveness: 10/10
Price: $20
Repurchase: 100% YES
Overall: ★★★★★


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