All About Us


So this story goes back to Thanksgiving weekend when I saw Moana with a friend and my cousin. First of all, if you haven’t seen that movie yet, GO WATCH IT. It’s amazing and lives up to all the hype around it. Everything from the animation to the character voices to, of course, the soundtrack was absolute perfection.

Naturally after watching a good movie with good music, you’d be wrong to not go home and start playing the soundtrack on repeat. Like c’mon. A soundtrack partially composed by the fabulous Lin-Manuel Miranda is near impossible to not go binge listen to.

There I was, rifling through all of the Moana’s songs on YouTube, when I stumbled across Jordan Fisher’s version of a song called “Your Welcome” originally sung by the Rock (the voice of a character name Maui), and OH. MY. GOSH.

From the very first note he hit, I was hooked. Not just to the song but to HIS VOICE.
After constantly listening to his rendition of “Your Welcome”, I finally searched him up on YouTube, hoping he had some music for me to indulge in.

He has a whole EP out.
Lord Jesus help me.

I clicked the first video I saw that had VEVO stamped on it (like basically all the music videos out there today on YouTube), and it was the music video to All About Us, the song I’ve been listening to since last night when I made this fabulous discovery.

Do yourself a favor and PLEASE go listen to it.

His voice has this amazing ability to go from husky, raspy, and borderline seductive to powerful and world shaking in a single note change. And then there’s his high notes. HOLY MOLY his high notes and his vocal control when he hits them is seriously no joke. He hit like one (I think) in “Your Welcome” towards the end of the song but it was mostly covered by the music and the other vocals going on. But in “All About Us”, there’s this moment where everything goes quiet and he unleashes this note that literally blew me away.

The song has a catchy beat to it that hooks you right on the first chorus. I admit, I wasn’t entirely sold on the first verse but it was the beat drop that came later that had me wanting to listen to it again and again. It’s definitely a fusion between a bit of R&B and pop, though it mostly fairs on the pop side.

And then there’s his dancing.
It’s like he can do everything, honestly.

As a dancer (mostly hip hop), I was thoroughly impressed. He free styled a little bit in the beginning with some seriously smooth footwork, hitting the beats with his arms/hands with the right about of power behind them. His partner dances with the girl in his music video was also done nicely, but to be totally honest, kinda unnecessary since the group dances he had were SO MUCH BETTER. I mean I guess it was sort needed since the song is a love song but he definitely looked like he was having more fun when dancing either by himself or with the rest of the group.

I looked at the comments of his music video and a good number of them were comparing him to Usher and Chris Brown, saying that he was either a mix of both or he had an “old school Usher feel” to him. Which I gotta say is sorta true; he does remind me a bit of Usher from the dance moves to the voice. Except I like Jordan Fisher’s voice a whole lot better.

The other comments were all pointing out the fact that he was on Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie as the character Seacat. I went back to watch a couple music videos from it (yes, I’ve seen it before), and there he was with his poofy hair and bucket hat, prancing around with a beach ball and board shorts on. Yeah, thank goodness he broke away from Disney Channel. This image he has going on right now is infinitely better. And might I say, this boy definitely knows how to work his angles and the camera.

The song is fire, Jordan Fisher is fire (and fine), and his dance moves are fire. Press the play button on that video above now and experience it for yourself.



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