Where do I even begin with this song?

Well, for starters, I’m not really an EDM person. My boyfriend is so I do get a bit of exposure to it (and Nightcore stuff), but it never really appealed to me too much. Frankly, some of the songs actually sound a bit scary to me and some, strangely enough, make me a teeny tiny bit nauseous (does this happen to anyone else?).

The song, Shelter by Porter Robinson & Madeon, needs no introduction. It came out back in August of this year but for some BIZARRE reason, I didn’t come around to watch the music video (yeah, that viral music video) until I saw that the FineBros. did a YouTubers React to it. In the past, they’ve shown some anime music videos before but they fared more on the….weird side (ME! ME! ME! and Girl) so naturally, I thought this was going to be on the same wavelength.


The full impact of the video and song didn’t hit me while I was watching the react so immediately after the Fine Brothers’s video, I searched up the music video to Shelter and watched it in all it’s glory.

Words CANNOT describe how freakin’ BEAUTIFUL it was.

First of all, lemme just start by giving props to A-1 Pictures and their incredible animation work on this. Every expression, every landscape, every scene change was so gorgeous and fit the mood of the song down to the last beat that I just couldn’t even handle it all in one watch. The song itself is addicting and probably the catchiest thing I’ve heard this year. I kid you not, this has been my morning jam for the past week. The lyrics are beautiful, deep, and powerful, matching the video SO PERFECTLY, setting the whole mood and creating an immersion experience like no other. Everything about it screams “song of the year” to me. This is like infinitely times better than anything mainstream pop has delivered this year.

Then there’s the video itself. Or rather, the plot of this masterpiece.

Some people might say that it’s cliche, it’s been done before, not something new in the anime world. And true, I agree this concept has been done before in different series scattered across the anime universe. But that does not mean, in any way, that a plot line can be used again and done differently or in a better way. For me personally, the fact that it manages to fit everything into like 6 minutes and has an incredible song to go with it makes it worth watching. And if you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it now before you read any more.

I’m not going to go into a plot summary cause I feel like for something like this, it’s better if you watch it by yourself to get the full experience and the full blow of the feels. For those of you who have watched this, PLEASE TELL ME I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CRIED.


I was sitting on my bed at 12AM watching this video with two tissues pressed up against my face cause one just wasn’t enough.

Like holy moly. The emotions felt by the father of letting his daughter go and saving her from the end of the world while he sacrifices his own life literally killed me. Then the whole fact that the girl in the video, Rin, is gonna be floating in space on her own, living in this virtual haven ALL ALONE for the rest of her life was enough to send me over the edge. I have no idea why I watched it twice but I did…and I cried both times.

Watch it.
It’s definitely a music experience like no other.



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