Feelin’ (ft. Eric Nam)


Ailee is the best female solo artist in the K-pop industry right now, and nothing anyone says will make me think otherwise.

Like c’mon now. Have you heard her voice? My gosh this woman has a vocal range that can rival Beyonce’s and the tone and quality of her voice is legit perfection. Her lives literally sound like she ate her CD then spat it back out to the audience via her own mouth. It’s really that good. If you don’t believe, go watch her cover of “I Will Always Love You”. Seriously, I get chills every time I watch it.

So naturally when she released a new album, I was ALL OVER it. The title song, Home (ft. Yoon Mirae), was amazing and I expected nothing less from both her and the guest artist on the track. Both are queens and I thoroughly enjoyed the track and thought it was going to be my favorite…until I heard Feelin’ (ft. Eric Nam)First of all, I FREAKIN’ LOVE ERIC NAM. I was on his music ever since he officially made his debut as a solo artist back in 2013 with his song Heaven’s Door (which I had on replay for a solid month). His personality is adorable and comes with a matching smile, he’s down to earth, funny, cheerful, and just an all around nice guy. It also doesn’t hurt that he was born and raised in America so his main language is obviously English.

True story: I know someone who went to Boston College with him back when he went there and they were in the same church fellowship.

So when I saw the title of this song on the track list, with his name attached to it, I couldn’t hit play fast enough.
And HOLY FRICK. This song blew me away.

It has that R&B feel you would expect coming from Ailee, which suits her voice perfectly, but it also has a fun, super dance-able beat in the background. Eric Nam’s voice coming in towards the end was the killing blow for me. His smooth, almost velvety voice coupled with Ailee’s power vocals was literally like one of those one-two punch moments that you see in boxing. I was done. KOed. Good-bye world. Both of their voices compliment each other’s so well and both fit the R&B feel of the song like a glove.

For the past couple of albums Ailee’s released, there’s always been one song that I like better than the title song: I’ll Be OK in A’s Doll House, Letting Go (ft. Amber) in Vivid, and now Feelin’ (ft. Eric Nam) in A New Empire. But the presence of these songs also doesn’t overshadow the title song, which makes a dang good album.

Ailee will forever and always be my queen, and this song (and probably every other song she’ll release) only secures her even more in one of the top spots of my K-pop artist list.



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