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R.I.P Fifth Harmony and HELLO to Fourth Harmony (though I have no idea if they’re going to actually change their name or not). My blog is focused mostly on Asian media but don’t be fooled, I do listen and indulge in some mainstream pop music every now and again. And in the wake of Camila … More That’s My Girl

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I totally meant to post this yesterday but I ended up spending the night watching episodes of old shows from my childhood (XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN ANYONE???) and napping lol. So first things first, you guys probably know already that I’m a fan of K-pop. But only those people who REALLY know me, know that my love … More Follow Me

All About Us

So this story goes back to Thanksgiving weekend when I saw Moana with a friend and my cousin. First of all, if you haven’t seen that movie yet, GO WATCH IT. It’s amazing and lives up to all the hype around it. Everything from the animation to the character voices to, of course, the soundtrack … More All About Us


Am I purposely going on a Yamazaki Kento marathon? Kinda, sorta. But you gotta admit, this boy has been in a crap ton of shoujo movie adaptions, which for some reason I’ve been feelin’ lately. Probably cause it’s been cold here and holiday season has arrived, getting me in the mood for the warm and … More Orange


Where do I even begin with this song? Well, for starters, I’m not really an EDM person. My boyfriend is so I do get a bit of exposure to it (and Nightcore stuff), but it never really appealed to me too much. Frankly, some of the songs actually sound a bit scary to me and … More Shelter