BLACKPINK is most definitely in my area.

This post is coming at you probably almost a good month late but you know what, it’s never too late to rave about the amazingness that is BLACKPINK. Especially after the recent disbandment of the legendary girl group, 2NE1 and the departure of Nam Taehyun from WINNER, YG is in desperate need for an image lift and fresh faces.

And lemme tell you, if you didn’t already know, BLACKPINK is 10000% the faces and the talent YG needs to bring them back into the forefront. In the good way.

After teasing their debut for the LONGEST time, BLACKPINK delivered probably the best debut album I’ve ever heard from K-pop in a while. Both BOOMBAYAH and Whistle were breaths of fresh air, compared to the manufactured sugar pop new girl groups have been dishing out recently. No offense to those who enjoy that kind of music, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. But BOOMBAYAH and Whistle both completely floored me with how good they were. Teddy delivers once again. I was hooked on Whistle for a good month after it first came out; BOOMBAYAH didn’t catch on for me until much later, but better later than never.

The girls disappeared for a bit after promoting for a short while on only a few music shows, much to the disappointment of fans all around the world, but they made an even BIGGER comeback with their second album, SQUARE TWO.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been in the K-pop scene since 2008 and lemme tell you, as far as girl groups go, BLACKPINK wins all the awards with this album.

STAY is a masterpiece that immediately, from the very first freakin’ note, had me hooked and playing it on repeat. It’s totally different from the rest of the music they’ve put out so far in that it has an indie, almost country vibe to it. The melody is a good medium tempo and literally soothes your soul as they sing to it.

Much like BOOMBAYAH, I didn’t get into Playing With Fire until later but once I did, holy moly…the play count is insane.
Playing With Fire is more like their other songs being upbeat and in your face. And everything about it is addicting in a totally different way from your average cookie cutter girl group song.

No random, misplaced English words.
No bubble gum pop melody.
K-pop at it’s best.

The other day, my K-pop friend and I were just talking about how K-pop as we knew it, one where MBLAQ was 5 members, 4minute was a thing, and Super Junior wasn’t AWOL, is over. My favorite girl group, miss A, had gone from 4 members to 3 and it absolutely killed me to watch JYP put them on the back burner while the company turned to focus on Twice. Every other new group that came out never caught my eye, and I constantly found myself watching videos like Super Junior’s U or even After School’s Because of You. Are there still older, active groups left that still blow me away? Of course. Infinite will always and forever be my babies, no matter how old they get, but it was getting harder and harder to stay relevant in the K-pop world as an older fan since none of the new groups really had the same, “I’m going to dominate the world” feel I got from the groups of the Golden Age.

Until the ladies of BLACKPINK made their debut and shook this older, 22 year old fan to her feet.

Like I said in the beginning, BLACKPINK is DEFINITELY in my area.


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