Look (ft. Verbal Jint)


I admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Girl’s Day. I mean, I do have some of their songs and I think they got talent but outside of listening to a few songs here and there, I don’t usually follow their promotions and activities.

So finding this gem was seriously a stroke of luck.

I sorta mentioned before that I wasn’t really feelin’ how K-pop is starting to become more and more….sugar coated, for lack of better words.

Seriously, I’ve been feeling so irrelevant in terms of my K-pop fan status lately what with every year the industry debuts like 50 groups all at once. True story, I was scrolling through the Inkigayo YouTube page the other day and literally had no clue who half of the groups were. Every time I saw SHINee’s name or Hyolyn, I breathed a sigh of relief and of semi validation.

But I digress.

Girl’s Day isn’t really on my radar of “groups I should follow”. They’re more in the “oh hey, look at this catchy song” category when it comes to girl groups or just groups in general. But for some strange reason, when I saw the article link that allkpop posted about this song, Look (ft. Verbal Jint), I immediately clicked.

Maybe it’s because it has Verbal Jint’s name attached to it? Or maybe cause somewhere in the description, it said the song was more on the R&B side? But whatever compelled me to give it a try, I am forever grateful. Cause honestly, this song had me obsessed from the first five seconds. K-R&B is literally GOLD. And if you’ve never tried it out before, do yourself a favor and try it out (there’s even English subs).

The beat in the background, the melody, the rap so perfectly placed in the middle with Verbal Jint’s God given ability to make music come alive. I can’t even. Not to mention Minah’s uniquely powerful yet soothing voice literally is the cherry on top to a great song. Girl’s Day songs have been either mad cute or sexy so the true capability and quality of Minah’s voice was always lost to me. Until she did this amazing collab with Verbal Jint and freakin’ blew my mind. And my ear drums.

Nowadays, the K-hiphop and K-R&B genre have been exploding with new music and artists and are taking the Korean music industry by storm. You can see the mainstream media trying to take it in and assimilate it with shows like Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar. Verbal Jint has always been on both the hip hop scene and the main K-pop scene as he’s done so many awesome collabs and written so many songs for other idol groups. This song is no exception and definitely showcases Minah’s vocal versatility and quality.


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